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Welcome to "THE GARAGE", our Virtual Club House

Clubs need a place for their Members to gather.  Members gathering facilitates the relationships and camaraderie that helps make a Club fun and strong.  Additionally, there is so much valuable "tribal knowledge" to be shared amongst our Members which will further enhance our knowledge and love of our Mustangs.  

"THE GARAGE" is a Virtual Club House where our OCMC Club Members can interact and share information broadly by creating a collaborative environment through Member Profiles, Forums, Groups, and Interactive Experiences.  This provides a "Member Virtual Presence" and Social Experience similar to tools such as Facebook, however, confined to our Club (and without the advertisements). :)



  • MEMBER PROFILES: OCMC Members will have a unique Profile which will include who they are, what Cars they own, and Contact Information.  Any or all information can be made private.  

  • FORUMS: Create and respond to Posts Asking or Answering Questions with fellow Members.

  • GROUPS: Members can Join or Create Groups which enable Members to share communications only between the Members of the Group based on Car type,  Event, or Common Interests.

  • MEMBERSHIP SERVICES:  Track your Membership activity directly including Renewals, Purchases, Event Tickets, RSVPs, Post History, and much MORE!

  • MEMBER CHAT:  Member Chat is directly in THE GARAGE.  This means that you can look up Members in the Directory and Chat with them just like you would Facebook Messenger.  Chats are secure and stay within THE GARAGE.  Members have the ability to mute or block other Members to protect privacy.

  • MERCH SHOP Reimagined!:  Enjoy a completely revamped OCMC MERCH and Ticket Shopping Experience like never before including easier navigation, simplified Cart, faster purchases, and multiple payment options!

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Why are Tools in THE GARAGE Cool?:

  • MEMBER PROFILES will help everyone share what they want about themselves and their Cars with other Members while educating and connecting like minded Mustang Owners.  Your Member Profile is your "Virtual Presence" within our Virtual Clubhouse.  Collectively, this also becomes a Club Directory enabling Members to reach out to (or block) other Members with similar Mustangs.

  • FORUMS and GROUPS provide a "Virtual Room" within the Virtual Clubhouse for Members to create or answer Posts, share pictures/videos, buy or sell spare parts or entire Cars, and interact with Special Vendors and Sponsors which will have their own Forum or Group directly to provide Products, Services, or answer Questions directly with Members.

  • MEMBERSHIP SERVICES will provide a "single pane of glass" with regard to all of your activity and engagement in THE GARAGE.  In your Member Profile, you will see your Subscription Status, OCMC Events you're registered for and Tickets you've purchased, your Forum and Group History, Merch Shop Purchases, Notifications, and Past Attendance of OCMC Events.

  • MEMBER CHAT will help members connect directly in real-time.  Installing that new thermostat and need some help?  Trying to find out where the meet up is prior to the cruise?  Chat with Members without having to share your personal information.

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I'm PUMPED, How Do I Start?

  1. Become a Site Member.  Whether you are an existing OCMC Member or applying for a New Membership, you will need to apply for site membership.  This will create a new Member Login that you will use to access the Member Areas of THE GARAGE.

  2. Look Out for Your Approval.  After you complete THE GARAGE Membership Form and submit it, it will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours (however, it will likely be MUCH faster).  Once you get your approval eMail (which will be sent to the email address you provided in the Form) you will be able to Login with the email address and password you entered into the Form.  If you forget your password, it can be reset for you.

  3. Login and Update Your Profile.  This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE.. let all of the OCMC know who you are.. or least what you want them to know.  Update your Profile Picture, use your real name or a Nick Name as your listing, enter/complete your Car information, and set your Privacy and Notification Preferences in the "Settings" section of your Profile.  You can view your Public Facing Profile at any time by clicking "View Public Profile" on your Member Profile Page.

  4. Start a PROJECT!  Send a message to a fellow Member, create a Post in a Forum, send a question to the Board via Chat, Create a Group, check out the Member Directory..  basically, Look around THE GARAGE and get to KNOW THE TOOLS!

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